Internationally and seasonally inspired recipe

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Principal Activities

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We cater for all kinds of function with a wide variety of dishes, ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western.

Our specialties consist of:-

● Diners Special Tender Roasted Whole Deer and Lamb
● Buffet Luncheon and Dinner
● Barbecue Dinner
● Fancy Hawker Stall
● Tea & High Tea
● Cocktail
● Kenduri
● Continental Dinner
● Chinese Course Dinner
● Steamboat

Our ancillary services consist of:-

● Furniture, Temporary Tent, Stage, Backdrop, Banner And Lighting
● P.A. System, Laser Karaoke, Disco Music Machine And Entertainment Show
● Potted Plant And Florist Arrangement
● Waiters And Banquet Halls
● Budgeting And Planning

We have a wide range of food to fill your needs.

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Diners Special

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Tender Roasted Whole Lamb

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For further details on pricing, manpower allocation and other requirements pertaining to the function,
please feel free to contact us.

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